Live life with No Limits 

At Rocking Boot Camp it doesn't matter what your age or current fitness level is.

Our program is for EVERYONE -- no matter what! No Limits 



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What we offer


Building confidence through individual and team-based exercises.


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Set your goals, crush them, and get the results!

Lindsey Dennis

I have learned that eating right and exercise is a life-long commitment to building the best you! This whole journey of getting and staying healthy has helped me to realize that this is for me!


"Healthier & stronger than ever"

Amanda Collins

Since starting Rocking Boot Camp, I've learned that most things aren't as impossible as they seem and that working out is a lot more tolerable and almost enjoyable with this motivating, entertaining group!


"Lost over 35 pounds"


Krystal Korhonen

Rocking Boot Camp is amazing! The workouts are challenging, fun, and always different. There isn't a chance you will ever be bored! RBC is an awesome way to increase your health and fitness level and connect with some amazing and supportive people.


"Lost 30 pounds"


Get nutrition coaching, tailored to your needs and goals

need a nudge? we've got you!

small group training tailored to help you push toward your goals and keep you motivated

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Mission Statement


Our motto at Rocking Boot Camp is "Live Life with No limits." It's all about being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle through clean eating and exercise. 

Rocking Boot Camp doesn't care how old you are, fitness level, or where you are health-wise. This program is for everyone no matter what, we do not let our excuses get in the way our goals. 

"No limits" means if you are starting out and have to modify, that's okay because everyone has to start somewhere and there are no limits to living a healthy lifestyle! You are the only one keeping yourself from your own goals. So this is your time to stand up and take your life back!

Rocking Boot Camp

I'm always here to help you achieve your goals, so feel free to contact me with ANY questions about Rocking Boot Camp!


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