3 Bench Marks In Your Transformation

Mar 31, 2016


I'll cut to the chase. Most people are so obsessed about benchmark #3 in your transformation, that you overlook 1 and 2.

And sadly, that's why most people quit :(

Yet, once you see how it works, you’ll get the “a-ha” to keep going. At least, that's my hope for you.

So be angry with me now, but thank me later.

There are 3 “benchmarks” in your journey as you transform your body.

Benchmark 1 – The 4-Week Mark
This is how long it takes for you to see your own body changing. In other words, it takes about 4 weeks to see a difference in the mirror. Sure, some may see a change sooner and that's great. Just keep in mind that means your diet would have to be perfect (and that's not fun... I know that sounds strange coming from a fitness expert, but hey, I'm just keeping it real).

Benchmark 2 – The 8-Week Mark
This is how long it takes for your closest friends and family to notice a change.

Benchmark 3 – The 12-Week Mark
This is typically how long it takes for the rest of the world to notice your body changing (co-workers, other friends, etc.)

The politically incorrect truth – most people are so concerned about Benchmark 3 that they quit too soon. They are expecting the world to notice BEFORE they notice a change themselves.

That's a shame. After all...

Who are you doing this for?